Marcella Hampp and James (Jim) Brown have worked together since the early 1990's in insuring our client's horses and horse related activities. Our relationship grew in 2006 when we partnered up to provide coverage for our clients and their needs which always COME FIRST.

Our name “Segundo” comes from the Spanish language and means “Second”. It was used on the trail herds coming north by the cowhands. They called the Trail Boss Segundo.

Insuring your horses, your property, vehicles, farm and ranch, are always our First Priority. We bring many years of experience and knowledge to help you accomplish your goals.



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Marcella C Hampp

Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Horse owner. Regained her working career in 1974 in banking industry then in 1981 in the insurance industry obtaining license in Property & Casualty and Life & Health eventually working my way up to President and Owner of an Insurance Agency.

After her children were grown and on their own, recaptured the interest and became once again a horse owner. Seeing the need for protection for any bodily harm or property damage my horses could do and in covering the value of the amount of money purchasing my horses I sought out carriers through General Agencies at that time to help myself and clients as well who had Farm, Ranch, Stables, Show horses and Personal horse exposure.

Segundo, Inc was established March 5, 2004. In 2006 we found a partner in James H. Brown with the experience and expertise needed to obtain long standing companies that understood the need we wanted to provide our existing and potential customers.

After 27 years in the insurance industry I find there is never a dull moment and especially enjoy personal contact with the horse industry.

James H Brown

Jim began his career in Animal Mortality Insurance in 1973 as an agent handling international shipments of cattle both from and to North America and has been writing in various capacities, Equine Insurance ever since. In 1985 recognizing a real need for specialty coverages for Horse Farms and Ranches, began adding these property & liability coverages to the product line, also including specialty liability coverages for Horse Trainers, Riding Instructors, Boarding Stables with Care, Custody & Control, Horse Clubs & Associations and Horse Shows.

Has worked with a number of specialty insurance markets in that time, including Lloyd's of London, American Continental, American Bankers, Acceleration National, Great American and now St Paul Travelers, Hartford Livestock and the United National Group.

In 2006 began a business relationship with Ed & Marcella Hampp, to begin business as SEGUNDO, INC to again expand the specialty and standard insurance coverages available to our customers, from the Pleasure Horseowner to the largest Boarding and Breeding Stables, to Equine Clubs and Associations and Horse Show organizers.

"In my 35 years working with insurance providers and animal owners, I have never lost the desire to provide specialty coverages specifically designed for the unique exposures of Horseowners, and now with Segundo, Inc I can proudly say to our customers: YOU ARE FIRST, WE ARE SEGUNDO".